How to Choose a Competent Home Builder Or General Contractor

The ability to find a customer home builder is important to fulfilling the dream of home ownership in terms of having things done your way. It is a big step up from traditionally lower cost options such an older home or a low-priced “fixer-upper,” which can sometimes be one in the same. You have now taken the step to dictate the various details of your home. As exciting as this can be, it can also be a step into the unknown. รับสร้างบ้าน

Here are a few things to consider in finding the right builder for you:

1. Ask yourself, “What is it I really need?” – Custom home builders in the market of getting a client exactly what they want, from the most basic of code-compliant details to the extravagant extras. You as the homeowner need to decide what things you want for your home. Things to consider are family size, areas that will receive high traffic from family and visitors, entertainment areas, storage space, and even the needs of family members in the future.

2. Resale Value – When something is customized, only a client’s finances (in most cases) serve as the limit to how elaborate things can get. While this may serve you and your family’s needs, it may not suit others. When figuring out what you need to have as part of your home, it is a good idea to think of what these details mean to the resale value. Does your future home hold appeal for others? What features serve your needs but may also be nice amenities that attract buyers?

3. Style and Design – As you finalize your list of ideas for your custom home, start researching builders. These companies usually have websites that showcase previous projects they have completed. This may give you some great insight into whether a company is on the same page regarding the style & design elements you like. As part of the research process, contact the builders you feel might be a good fit and ask to meet with them. This would be a great opportunity to see if the company would be willing to provide references for previous projects you can visit.

4. Experience – Much like any industry, custom home builders run the gamut from long-standing companies with decades of experience all the way to the “new kid in town” builder trying to make a place for itself in the industry. As with most things, experience is key. A builder that has established itself in the local community has usually earned the trust of its customers and others in the home industry. Their name becomes synonymous with quality and confidence, and their presence in the custom home landscape stands out for all of the right reasons. This isn’t to say that a newer builder can’t deliver quality results that are exactly what you want. Just keep in mind that an established company can often bring intangibles to the mix that come with being around for a significant period of time.


3D Home Design for Everybody

Only a few years ago people were spending 40% more on new houses in Perth Western Australia and the home building industry was in a boom with a shortage of tradesmen and building experts. The shake up in the economy and the changing lending criteria of banks has reduced the amount of equity values throughout Perth and Australia which has led to cheaper house prices being sought by potential home buyers considering building a new home.

While lending is becoming tighter, Perth is also experiencing delays with land availability which is increasing pressure on land developers to create more available lots of land in their subdivisions. This causes rationalisation where the average block size is being reduced in size to provide more land stock. Future subdivisions are also being affected by the credit crunch which is going to significantly impact on their release dates. While planning approvals are still extremely slow and should be addressed by the state government, this is no longer the major factor. Our economy is still in recovery mode, with the resource sector no delivering the same punch it was in 2006-2007.

When the land release blocks get smaller and the R Codes (Residential Design Codes) don’t get amended, the average 50% site cover rule is enforced meaning home buyers and builders can only cover 50% of the block. If the average block is 500 square metres then the house can be 250 square metres in size, which is a decent size 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a double garage and 2 living areas. However, as the blocks get towards the 400 square metres and smaller, the obvious choice is to design and build a two storey home. With affordability being a huge issue, a large number of buyers are no longer interested in spending $500,000 or perhaps they simply are being refused finance at that level. So they are looking for alternatives. บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

A number of builders in 2010 started to release a ‘budget range’ of cheap 2 storey home designs intended to fill a niche in the marketplace and found that the demand was high for more affordable 2 storeys. So what is a cheap 2 storey home worth these days? Some home builders are advertising a 2 storey home under $300,000 however it’s really false advertising. They exclude necessary costs such as site works which will take the home over the $300,000 mark. Add to that your finishing costs and most cheap 2 storey home building costs will end up being somewhere between the $350,000 and $450,000 price range. So if you bought your block of land for $300,000 you’re looking at about $700,000 to complete your new home.

To create a 2 storey house design that is on the lower end of the market a number of design considerations must be made. First of all, the overall size must be reduced. Do you remember the days when minor bedrooms were 2.7m wide x 3.0m long? We haven’t seen that in Perth house designs for over 10 years and even first home buyer homes are often 3.0m x 3.0m. But it’s time perhaps that a bedroom becomes a bedroom again. No more study desks and extra space for the sake of space. Would it be such a bad thing if your kids weren’t shutting themselves in their rooms all the time? My personal opinion is that it may be more healthy for us all to revert back to smaller bedrooms, just to get out more.

Options such as external render, which has also been extremely popular are now considered an added unnecessary expense which can be replaced with 2 course face brickwork which is the cheapest alternative. Having a pitched roof instead of a flat skillion roof is also cheaper, and avoiding box gutters and parapet walls if possible will also help reduce building prices.

If the credit crunch is affecting your home building budget, perhaps it’s time to reassess what is most important to you. Speak with your Building Broker, New Home Designer or Architect about ways to not only reduce building cost but also perhaps improve your lifestyle through clever design initiatives. While the economy is still uncertain, the baseline factors are still underpinning the city of Perth that we have a need for new houmes. Having a cheap 2 storey home design doesn’t have to mean inferior home design if done properly and with the current demand for affordable 2 storey homes for smaller lots, this may become a staple in Perths housing market.


Looking For Discounted Auto Parts? Buy From Online Suppliers

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